Doctor’s Orders


Got a serious concussion this past Friday afternoon. Fell while walking one of my goddogs, and smashed the right upper corner of my forehead on the edge of a concrete step. Will be offline at least through next Friday as doctor’s orders are no texting, computer, iPad, reading, etc. (Yes, I am being disobedient right now, but I want to let my blogging pals know what’s what.) I can sit, lie down, or walk. Also, no visitors. Wow. Strict. Owing to the fact that I absolutely could not figure out how one might dial a telephone, and husband says I was making no sense when he got to me and called the ambulance, and I can tell you I was not in this universe for a while, and I actually felt my skull and brain shift to the right then shift back (which really creeped me out), I guess strict is ok. I go now. I be back.

xo, m & jb (who has set up shop on the bed in between my knees and will not leave)


  1. YIKES! What a horrible thing to have happen. 6 weeks of NOTHING…that is strict.
    Please follow orders and take care of yourself. I’ll be thinking of you and praying for your swift recovery!
    Tell JB to look out for her mommy.


  2. OH my dear – keep away from all the things the doctor said to – and don’t come back until he approves. We’ll all be missing you and sending you good thoughts. Please take care of your dear head (and all the other things too) JB is right – stick together, and get better.


  3. Oops… take care and yes, rest. Keeping tension and blood pressure down is key as I recall. I was put on a zero salt diet and full bed rest for 2 weeks after my fall from the top of a clementine tree, but that saved me from any invasive surgery 🙂


  4. Oh boy … Rest and get better, dear friend – When doctor says “No internet”, he surely means that your brain will get better off line.
    Will be praying for you, and am sending my love to your sister Nightingale JB and your sweetheart – Their love is the best medicine ever!


  5. Hi Maureen, I came here to leave you a little note to say that you’re in my thoughts & prayers – Greetings to your sweet home doctors, Josephina Ballerina included 🙂


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