Crud Balls*

Lovely striped (non-crud) balls. Click to learn more if you want

Hello ladies and gentlemen, fellow bloggers, all,

To get right to it, I read and enjoy every single post you write. I’ve been neglectful of posting. And of answering people’s posts and their cheerful, caring comments on what I post. Have simply not been well. The multiple sclerosis has knocked me for a loop. Went to the grocery store on Friday afternoon, and sank right down to the floor in the produce department. I assure you it was not because I was stunned by the divine quality of the fruit and vegetables. No, it was I-can’t-go-on-a-single-step-further fatigue. Obviously, I did go on eventually, because I am at home writing this. And it is Monday. That’s good. The hardest part of MS, for me, is the tiredness, the incredible, debilitating fatigue. It’s not like the fatigue of being up 36 hours straight or getting 30 minutes sleep at a time for a week because you’re on-call for work or tending a sick child. It’s a sickening fatigue, walking-against-the-tide fatigue. It feels unsafe, like, “I’m going to fall right down in front of this oncoming car.”

Had MRI’s of brain, upper, and middle spine last week. The one of the middle spine picked up a nodule on my thyroid. “Hey! Looky what we got here!” So had ultrasound of that this morning, along with MRI of low back because that thing has hurt for 30 years and is causing me to fall down now (unrelated to being tired).

The neurologist put me on a drug originally meant for epilepsy, but is also used for intractable migraines like I have. Topamax. The dose is increased once a week for four weeks. The first few days after a dose increase are rough on my system.

So, I beg your pardon, all of you, for my terrible blogging manners. It is not for lack of interest that I am silent. I can sometimes manage a few blog visits a day, sometimes not. But, please believe me when I say I appreciate (New Oxford American Dictionary: value, treasure, admire, respect, hold in high regard, think highly of, think much of) each one of yous* my blogging pals!     *Yous: plural form of “you” used mainly near New York and Philadelphia

🙂 m & jb (who has offered to take over all “bLOOgiNG dOODYs FoRR moMMeeecAT TILE momMeecaTT feells BeDDR!!!!!!!)

And for those of you who may be wondering…Wikipedia informs us that there really are Crud Balls because…

Crud is a fast-paced game loosely based on billiards or pool, and originated in the Royal Canadian Air Force. It is played in units of the Canadian Forces, the Canadian Coast Guard, the United States Air Force, the United States Navy, the United States Marine Corps, and the Royal Australian Air Force. The game is played on a pool or snooker table (usually the latter, when available) using the cue ball (the shooter ball), and one object ball (most commonly a striped ball since it is easiest to determine if it is in motion). Only the corner pockets are used. Side pockets (if there are any) are blocked off, traditionally by rolls of toilet paper.

Pool cues are not used; the shooter ball is launched across the table surface with the hand. A game of crud involves running frantically around the table and other players, trying to grab the shooter ball and either strike the object ball before it stops moving or sink it. This boisterous game is usually only played in a military mess as the management of most public establishments would not normally condone contact sports and the apparent abuse of their equipment.

*My euphemism for...insert word of choice. (See post title.)


  1. My mother used to call unidentified malaise as the “Gallopin’ Crud” Maybe she’d heard of the game. sound like a lot of gallopin’ to me.

    I appreciate your time and love you very much!

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  2. Oh my goodness! I had no idea how you have been suffering!
    Much love and many prayers are being sent your way. And, do not…I repeat…do NOT for one moment think that you should apologize. I am sure I speak for all your friends out in blog-land and the cyber-sphere and we all just want you to be caring for yourself since we’re not able to physically assist you. Your open and honest explanation of your current condition just makes any and all comments from you all the more special!
    You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Tell JB I am most impressed with her blogging abilities! 😉
    -love, Barbara

    P.S. Thanks for enlightening me on “crud balls”. I honestly thought that is how one played the game called POOL. (okay, that was when I was six and couldn’t reach the cue stick rack)

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  3. No need for apologies. You have a lot to deal with and taking care of yourself is the most important thing you can do. We’re always here for you when you feel up to posting. Hoping Josephine is giving you lots of love and cuddles.

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  4. Aw, honey, so sorry 😦 Wish I could give you a big hug right now! You are a brave little soul and I am sending lots of love and prayers your way. ❤ Interesting about the crud ball game! It's very fun to find out where certain 'expressions' come from. Hope Josephine is giving you extra cuddles to lift your spirits. Hugs xo Karen

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  5. Maureen, as another fellow blogger already said, please never feel you need to apologize to js for not being to read and/or comment on our scintillating posts (hope you realize this is a tongue-in-cheek comment) 😉 The best thing is to take good care of yourself cause we will be around when you are feeling better. Those drugs sound potent and surely can make you feel a bit loopy.
    Hope folks in the produce dept were helpful too, even if you were not falling for their produce.

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  6. No apologies needed. You see how I can sometimes have gaps in my blogging… I get too busy or blue. My sister has MS and she fights the good fight every day, just like you do. Sometimes the evil nodes win for a day or two but that just gives you time to regroup. And you have the lovely Josephina to lend a paw. Sending you gentle hugs..

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  7. No need to apologise. I know you won’t get rid of your MS but I hope yout symptoms improve soon or the doctors can find some good medication to help

    A lot of people in Scotland use the plural ‘yous’ too.


  8. Thanks for the reminder… I saw the ‘balls’ but didn’t read yesterday as we are away currently – no excuse, just lazy scrolling on by last night. Anyway, all read and understood. My work friend years ago described her MS as trying to run in a swimming pool at chest depth, so I kinda get what you are describing. I will say though, if you need any help on the blogging side, mail me – we are a community that should look after our own. Spike


  9. My dear, sweet friend, there is absolutely no need to apologize! I am truly sorry to hear you have been going through so much. You are in my prayers, dear friend. Sending love your way!


  10. Hang on in there and never apologise for missing blogging! I send you my best wishes. I have epilepsy, which thank goodness seems to be controlled. But I am on a different drug and so far have no side effects. Anyone who has an incurable illness and learns to live with it and keep cheerful has my admiration. I have a daughter in law with cushing’s disease and she cheerfully carries on. That lovely header shows me that you have plenty of affection from that lovely cat.


  11. Maureen, I’m so sorry to hear about your MS and other health related illnesses. Just do what you can and let the rest go. Funny… but I feel you are like a dear sweet friend that I have known all my life! I wish I lived close enough to give you a hug and just visit like old friends do.

    Keep smiling dear friend. I love you!


  12. You are a new blogger to me; we’ve ‘met’ through All About Purple! I wanted to send you a big ((((( ))))) and say that I sincerely hope you feel better SOON! I shall remember you in my prayers + Now, two things especially stood out for me in this particular share: Crud! 😉 When I develop another upper respiratory something or other, I call it “The Creeping Crud” ;)~~ And your description of fatigue – spot-on! I have CFIDS, Fibro, Lyme’s … now, I haven’t sat down in a produce aisle (yet …), but I have suddenly stopped shopping and leaned against a sturdy display, at times! (In fact the last time this happened, some poor guy was giving me the side-eye and only THEN did I realize – I’m standing next to products for jock itch!)


  13. Dear Maureen,
    Just rest and take no stress in blogging, or visiting or writing … I hope you will recover from the fatigue as well as it is possible. I will be praying for you, and for your husband as well, that you may encourage one another – keeping up the good humour to spice up, during the ups and downs.
    Hugs to you, and a cuddle to Josephine Ballerina 🙂


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