Six Word Friday: GLASS


A Good Recipe for Glass Surprise

Take silica, fuse with boric oxide
by heating to molten ball stage.
Form as desired. Let cool till
hard, brittle, transparent or translucent, but
do not allow crystals to form.
The surprise is that glass is
considered to be a supercooled liquid
and not a true solid -despite
what our senses may tell us!

Huh. Who knew, right? Super cool!

breaking glass gif found at


  1. OK- I’ve got to stop watching that glass break and read the rest of your post. Very interesting. We learned about glass being a liquid when we lived in an old house with wavy glass in the windows. We were told that the glass is constantly, minutely moving downward from gravity and that was what gave it that wavy look – amazing. Ok – now I’m going to watch the glass break again.


  2. I too was mesmerized by the breaking glass – so nearly me when I forgot there was a glass dish on top of the butter I got out of the fridge. Luckily it landed plastic lid up – but made a thud enough to give the neighbours downstairs an earlier than usual alarm call!! Oops! Look after yourself. T xx


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