Six Word Friday: TRICK


 A Trick is a nautical term:

“a full watch at the helm.”

An excerpt from the beautiful poem

“Sea Fever” by John Masefield follows.

* * * * * *

“I must go down to the

seas again, to the vagrant gypsy

life, To the gull’s way and 

the whale’s way where the wind’s

like a whetted knife; And all

I ask is a merry yarn

from a laughing fellow-rover, And quiet

sleep and a sweet dream when

the long trick’s over.”   ~ Fourth Stanza

* * * * * *

Photo Credit below:


  1. always an education 🙂 I’m not too into scary stuff so like that set of carvings, and the poem too. There is something magical about the sea shore. Hope it’s more treat than trick for you today.


  2. Those are cool pumpkins…almost makes me want to carve ours…but so far I’ve been distracting the kids–I don’t have the energy! Happy Halloween!


  3. Those are very cool nautical scenes in the pumpkins. And I love how they are sitting on the boardwalk overlooking the lake. I’ve never heard that poem before. Very nice! Happy Halloween!


  4. Purr & wiggle Josephine, this is a long one 🙂

    Hi Maureen & J of course.

    Catching up with you today. First of all thanks for the lovely comments on my blog, you make me smile ☺ I forgot to put your new address in to my Feedly so this morning when I got to you ….. no posts eek. But of course a little poking around did the trick (oooh! 6 words!)

    That moth is very beautiful even though I can’t bear even to look at them irl. Or toads actually! I had forgotten all the lovely things, gifts and the like that a cat will bring to you.
    Dogs, on the other hand, they bring muddy paws, sick & pee into the house onto the new rug. Well you don’t want to hang around on an old stained bit of carpet now do you? And isn’t that why they put the lovely new longish pile, pale colour rug down?

    Love all your six words and the wordless Wednesday! I have a picture just like that. I’ll share it with you. (not on Google + of course.)

    Stress reduction kit: I’ll send you something similar. It will make you smile.

    What a contrast in the two weddings…

    Brilliant six words Trip, Late, Drink, Trick and clever leaving Leaves.

    I’m very fond of fungi both to eat (but only supermarket varieties!) and to photograph.

    I have to go to the dentist now, you & your posts kept my mind beautifully occupied for a while…Thanks.


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