I Divvy

“The first of June! The Kings are off to the seashore tomorrow, and I’m free. Three months’ vacation–how I shall enjoy it!” exclaimed Meg, coming home one warm day to find Jo laid upon the sofa in an unusual state of exhaustion, while Beth took off her dusty boots, and Amy made lemonade for the refreshment of the whole party.”
* * * Louisa May Alcott,  Little Women * * *
Without fail, I quote that first line to myself every June first. There are so many ways to divvy up a year: New Year’s Day; Chinese New Year; meteorologically (for example, June-July-August is the meteorological summer); our regular division of the seasons; and the Chinese division of the seasons  which is according to the light, not temperature (that’s the acupuncturist in me talking). Then there  is the pre-Christian calendar, the Jewish calendar, the Orthodox Church calendar, the regular Church calendar, and the school calendar. I get plenty of opportunities each year for do-overs, start-agains, official new beginnings. And then, of course, there is each new day.


  1. i love that quote from the book but why is it we still measure time with a calender….always looking forward, to the next big thing. more living in the moment is required, i'd say!!


  2. Hi Maureen! Sorry to take so long to get by to visit after you commented on a six-word-Friday post. The past month or so has been crazy. Nice blog you have. Praying those issues mentioned prior to this post have sorted themselves out.


  3. I am finding time flies by just now and I wish it would slow down. June 1st is my husbands birthday and I always say “Oh G.. the year is almost half over!! Next it will be Al's birthday (Sept 4) then Strictly will start again and it will be Christmas!” Perhaps if I stopped the ritual?
    I am also thinking about you and hoping that 'things' are looking up.


  4. Yes I like the “new day” idea and starting fresh each day. Little Women was one of my favorite books when I was younger. I should get a copy and have Coleen read it.


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