Six Word Friday: SKY

“It Is Raining Cones and Dogs”
What we call a Snow Cone
in the Land of Pleasant Living
is called Sky Juice in Jamaica.
But I think Sky Juice is 
a very good name for rain!

Wonderful drawing found on Pinterest,
 but I could not track down the name of the artist.
Linking up with the lovely Adrienne over at My Memory Art for 
Six Word Fridays. 
Do consider joining the fun!


  1. Hi Maureen! I wanted to thank you for visiting my blog while Ida's was a guest there – she is a sweetheart, isn't she 🙂

    I am a happy new follower of your blog and I look forward to visiting again! Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs!


  2. Cute illustration. I've never heard of Sky Juice but it is a fun name and yes would work for rain as well. I couldn't manage to get together anything for 6 Word Friday this week even though I had some great sky shots. I'll share them another day.


  3. Hi Maureen, thank you for stopping by. Yes Google+ is a little confusing to use. But maybe one day we will figure it out. I would like to link up to Adrienne. I am your new follower here too.
    Hope to see more of your posts. I will add you to my side bar.
    Enjoy your week.



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