Six Word Friday: MOVE

“The Things We Do for Love”
From Merriam-Webster. Move: intransitive verb,
of the bowels: eject fecal matter.
Ryan was three. Every movement was
accompanied by claps and shouts of
YEA! GOOD JOB! As we all
admired the poo in the potty.

P.S. A very serious issue is affecting my family right now. May I ask for your prayers and positive thoughts today? I give you my heartfelt thanks in advance.
xxoo, Maureen


  1. i “want” to believe in the power of prayer!! i am sending you a big warm hug from the jersey shore!!

    oohhhhhh and yes, we always clapped during the poo parties!!!


  2. Ha! I love it when people think of things about our word of the day that never crossed my mind! My potty training days were pretty low key…Couldn't ever manage to be happy clappy over poo! Have been praying for you and your family ~ Thanks, as always, for linkig up.


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