Six Word Friday: MEMORY

“Q & A Re: Household Bills”

How can it be Past Due?
It went down the Memory Hole*
Imaginary place where inconvenient or unpleasant
information is put and quickly forgotten.
I guess that explains a lot.
*Origin from George Orwell’s novel, Nineteen Eighty-Fourwhich described a slot where historical documents could be disposed of to allow for manipulation of memories of the past.

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  1. That book has been on my reading list for a while, maybe this summer I'll get to it. Especially after this post…I think a lot of my mental information goes down the 'memory hole!' Have a great weekend!


  2. This gave me a good chuckle! I have misplaced a few too many things this week….one, that I looked for for quite some time, was sitting in plain view exactly where thought it would be and where I started looking! Egads!! Thanks for linking up!!


  3. hehehe. the memory hole is much better then the money pit, we call our homes!! i think age messes with everyone's memory. it is, perhaps, the hardest part of growing (dare i say it) old!!

    well done, all six word phrases, you rocked it!!


  4. Wonder if we could use that since it's getting harder and harder to pay all the bills. A “Memory Hole” would be awesome if the people you owe money too had a great sense of humor.


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