Uh-oh Update

First posted this in May 2013:
Husband and I live in Maryland. Daughter ‘n’ Son-in-Law, and grandkids live in New Jersey. My mother and stepfather are buried in New Jersey at the end of a row, under a tree, next to a wide open field. As a beautiful and wonderful and thoughtful Mother’s Day gift to me, the kids cleaned the graves, landscaped around the tree, took Before and After pictures. (Itchy Ryan and Pouty Samantha don’t seem all that thrilled to be posing.)  But, anyway . . . there is just one wee problem. See the sorta new grave to the left of my mother’s bronze plaque? That’s MY grave site! Someone is buried in my grave, and unless I am living in a parallel universe, it isn’t me! I called the cemetery. The very pleasant woman who answered the phone said, “Let’s see what happened.” Um . . . we know what happened . . . sigh.
Update: Undoing a burial is quite a complicated paperwork process. It took almost a year, but I have my grave back. Slightly used, but no longer occupied. Plus, they threw an extra grave in for free for ‘cuz I was “so nice” about the whole thing. Tricia, the very pleasant woman mentioned above, actually thanked me for not yelling at her. See? Another instance where niceness counts! Be nice, get a free grave! 🙂


  1. I hardly know what to say! well done on pursuing it and getting your place back! and right next to your mother. A lovely mothers day gift for you. Funny, my mother is buried 150 miles away from where I live but we are visiting on Sunday.


  2. awww now that's sweet……someone was keeping it warm for you 😉 (i hope that made you smile)

    that was a thoughtful mothers day gift. those kids are adorable and you named them perfectly!!

    ps….looks like a really beautiful final resting spot!!!


  3. Oh that would be a shock to find such a mistake had happened. Can you imagine what the family of the person buried there felt like when they found out their loved one was in the wrong grave.


  4. An unusual situation, Michelle, and must have been a bit unsettling to you and the other family. So now that you have a bargain grave have you decided who you will gift it to, maybe Ray? I have to admit it does seem a bit daunting to think about having a pre-selected site, but it does look relaxing near that tree.


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