Six Word Friday: BREEZE

 “We Warble Amiss”
Do you know we get it
 wrong each December if we sing
 (of sooty black birds who perch
 on limbs and breeze block chimneys,
amid the french hens and golden
rings) calling birds rather than colly?
(Rather Lengthy) Notes:
Cinder Blocks are called Breeze Blocks in England, since
breeze is another word for ashes which are used to make the blocks.
Colly means to blacken or begrime as with wood or coal ashes.
Thus, our True Love gives us four black Colly Birds.
Why he or she does so is another matter. 
Directions for building cinder block bird house at


  1. brilliant. couldn't imagine where you were going when I saw the pic of the breeze block. Maureen, I have the same issue with one of the blogs I follow too – she sits unloved at the bottom of the list until I check it out. Interestingly, we are both in Germany, so wonder if it is something to do with our geographical internet settings.


  2. Hi Josephina Ballerina….love that you explained what the words in the poem meant, and a fun poem for six word. Thanks for the visit to me. I've enjoyed my first try at doing the six word. 🙂


  3. you are soooooo funny and you don't update often enough!!

    hehe….can you believe it, ME…sweet ole' me. everyone usually loves me!!

    next time i'm bringing flowers 😉


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