1. Now, that's sweet!! (I undid your other linky….and learned something new in the process – who knew I could do that? Not me!! So, thanks for the opportunity to learn something!


  2. i am wondering who made the sweetest art on earth?? off topic, but equally important, you have beautiful light in this room!!

    have a wonderful weekend!!


  3. Hi Maureen, it has been fun reading through some earlier posts to meet Josephina. I dropped in from fellow blogger Debbie's blog, It's All About Purple. Like Debbie, we also lived in Southern NJ before relocating to the VA eastern shore over 10 years ago…and purple is also my favorite color (feb birthday stone, amethyst). We enjoy blogging and chuckled at your “slow blogger” award. Please feel free to drop into our blog for a visit anytime as are (nearly) neighbors. Coincidentalky, we will be travelling thru parts of MD this weekend on our way to visit friends living in DC!


  4. and you know that in some modern art environment this display would be inviting intense discussion as to who made it. Love your words to go with the pics.


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