Six Word Friday: POINT


“To Misquote a Witty Artist”

A line is a point that
went for a walk. Paul Klee*A drawing is a line that
went for a walk. Paul Klee

* I invariably misquote Klee by substituting the word “point” for the word “dot” in his quote.
Oh well, it served me for this week’s challenge!

(image designed by laura @


  1. Well, I have now caught up with all your past blog posts. And, may I say, they are all quite entertaining. Josephine has turned into a completely wonderful pud and I'm so glad she's in your life! Muah!


  2. You ask for an explanation of 'answers on a postcard please.' Funny how different countries have different expressions isn't it? Over here many competitions have that method of answering, so that the expression has really entered our language – it is really quite meaningless I suppose, except to suggest that you might have a guess at the answer. It is rarely, if ever, outside competitions, intended as serious.


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