Three Startling Graces of God

How to find a startling grace when miserable with a pounding headache and a fever as I fight a herpes simplex infection yet again.  The same virus that ruined the sight in my right eye twenty years ago? Picked up, perhaps, from someone with a cold sore who touched the same shopping cart handle just before I did -then I rubbed my eyes with the fatigue of working eighteen hour days as a visiting nurse? Look for startling grace as it marches on and has infected my ears, too? Oh-kaay…
40. The startling grace that I am still here at all -and that is no exaggeration.
41. The starting grace that I have been given two grandchildren -something I never expected.
42. The starting grace of being blessed with a large extended family -and family of friends- including five great nieces and a great nephew, when for so long it was just my brother and me. “I wish I had a big family like yours,” said my dearest friend Rose. I was actually taken aback by her comment. The beautiful, startling grace of her comment, and the truth of it, too.
(I crocheted her some stars in her favorite color for her birthday a couple of years ago.)
Now it is time for bed and the rest necessary for the starting grace of healing. Zzzzzzz…….


  1. Hope you feel better soon, Maureen. Headaches are no fun. I get Migraines. Love your friend's stars. Having family and friends are God's graces, for sure. xx


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