Worn, Given Away, Shared

The counting of One Thousand Gifts continues…
43. A gift worn: the same Lands’ End winter coat I’ve had for 22 years.
44. A gift given away: the annual jar of Christmas chutney Bonnie gives Judy then Judy gives me.
45. A gift shared: the deep fried Thanksgiving turkey piñata. Fun and delicious!


  1. I love a good and useful gift! I'm a little confused about the turkey, though. Is it hanging to drip, or for the wildlife? We would have coyotes snapping at that, if we left it hanging! A gift for them, not so much for us! xx


  2. Karen, it was hanging to drain. We ate it and it was very good! Unlike the chutney that sister insists I love even though I've told her when she asked me that I'm not really fond of it! So glad I can bless momo with it!


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