Grateful for These Things About Me

It would be easy to say things like my eyes, or ears, or legs. I am so grateful that these things work. However, it is much more difficult for me to be publicly grateful for things that could look like boasting. That being said, I throw caution to the wind and proclaim I am grateful for…
37. My extremely well developed sense of the absurd, wacky, and silly.
38. My kindness.
39. My empathy.
In the counting of One Thousand Gifts, I labor under no illusions that these things about me are anything other than gifts from God. Enough said.
AND, the picture reminds me of the time my mother asked me if I had powdered my face with baby powder. I shook my head, nooooo. So she asked, “Are you sure…?” And my little three year old head nodded up and down…

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