Little Gracie’s Little Surprise


My friends, Lucy and Donnie, saved two miniature horses (who Lucy named Gracie and Max) from unspeakably bad conditions on an old man’s farm.  After a long rehabilitation -where they were inseparable- Lucy sent them to the racetrack for Max to be gelded by the track’s vet.  At the track, they stayed together in the same stall as they always had.  Then the two little horses went to live on the very nice farm of said horse veterinarian and his wife.  Gracie has always been a bit on the round side, so no one thought twice about her expanding girth.  Imagine the surprise, and the vet’s chagrin, when…..
Photo courtesy of Lucy Krone.


  1. Oh, my! But what a delightful little surprise! Too cute for words. How nice that they were rescued by these kind people. I love happy endings. xx


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