A Great Name for a Rock Band

Ollie 7.26 (1).JPG

This is a “mood shot” of our Goddog, Ollie, who had a sleepover with us last night.  His new owner, our friend, Rose, was going to be out of town until this afternoon, so she dropped him off yesterday morning.
Ollie is a rescue dog.  Rose said she knew he was the dog for her the minute she saw his picture on the rescue’s website.  She called right away and was astonished to hear that no one else had made any inquiries about him.  They didn’t know much about him, really -just that he was from North Carolina, about eighteen months old, and very underweight.  Between Rose and Ollie, it was love at first meeting.
Ollie went to live with Rose and her two kids a few months ago.  She says Ollie has her heart in a way a dog hasn’t in a long time.  I guess that’s why, when she dropped him off yesterday, she gently cleaned off the inside corners of his eyes and exclaimed in a singsong, Mommy voice, “I’m going to miss you, Boogie-Snot Eyeballs!”  (See post title.)



  1. Oh, I love hearing stories like this! Rescue dogs are the best! I can relate to seeing his photo and 'knowing' he was the right dog. I had the same thing happen to me with my Border Collie, Champ.

    The last part made me laugh out loud! So sweet! xx


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