Our Side Yard

Columbia, Maryland 6.8.12 (1).JPG

Our hydrangeas are both pink and purple this year. They are among my favorite flowers because they don’t fade away after being cut.  Watching cut flowers die distresses me.  I always think they would have lived so much longer “on the vine.”  That being said, I don’t say no when the delightful Yvonne brings me cut offerings from her garden.  Last week she brought me one white and two rosy calla lilies.  Oh how I love their graceful shape.



  1. Dear Maureen, your side yard is very pretty. I love hydrangea's. They are so old fashioned and beautiful. I am like you, I hate to cut my flowers and so rarely do I bring in a bouquet! But I do buy them at the store sometimes. Your friend is sweet to bring you calla lillies. They are gorgeous.

    Thank you so much for your sweet and kind comments on my blog. You are a dear. And yes, I do think of my lost loved ones living in Heaven, whole and happy and wait to be reunited with them once more. I know they are always with me. Your words are a comfort to me. xx


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