I Wish on February 1st

How to make a quilt Endeavourer’s Style.

  1. Think about the theme: wishes. Look up the word Wish. Find that the meaning in English is somewhat different than in other languages. In some other languages, wish and hope can be used interchangeably. In English hope is about possibility, wish is not. “I hope I’m happy with the quilt.” Here there is the possibility that I will like it. “I wish was happy with the quilt.” Uh-oh. Wish is a past tense kind of thing. Yeah, we wish each other Merry Christmas, but that’s a special rule. English is full of special rules.
  2. Wonder why you are turning 65 soon and still can’t play piano even though wanting to for twenty years. Enter “wish” in Pinterest. Discover a wry, motivational quote. Ah-ha! Decide on a fusible appliqué word quilt and dive in with the usual “only stash, only squares” rule. Find a font, print it out, transfer to fabric, blah, blah, blah. Remove the kitten about a thousand times from the middle of things. Have less fun than anticipated.
  3. Get the flu from your grandkids -even though you had the flu shot- and be sick for the better part of two weeks.
  4. Look at the calendar and realize Reveal Day is less than four days away. Force yourself to just get the damn thing done (with time outs to lie down on couch). Wonder why you still have a fever.
  5. Finish quilt and wish you were happier with it. (Maybe it will grow on you.)
  6. Go lie back down and think about practicing piano tomorrow. Sigh…


  1. OMGosh, I don’t think I have visited here before. How come I didn’t …feeling so dumb. I like absolutely everything about this piece. I think alphabet blocks is so darned unique to express a wish. Hope you are feeling tip top now! The next challenge starts soon, lol.
    xx, Carol

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    • Carol, I am really happy to hear you like my corner of Blogland. It’s funny, but I did not like the quilt at all when I was making it and I was pretty sure no one else would like it, either. (Flu-induced angst, perhaps?) Now it has quite grown on me. Looking forward to the next Challenge sans flu!

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  2. I don’t know how I’ve missed your posts, but I love this little quilt. I’m going to read through a few more posts – I’m signed up to follow you now. Not sure if it will come to my email, but I’ll try to keep up!


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