Crossing Muddy Waters

From Instagram. Soul Selfie Challenge 2019. December 1-7.

Today’s word is Remember.

REMEMBER: May 23, 2015. We sat up in that balcony at Wolf Trap Park for the Performing Arts just outside of Washington, DC , my husband, brother, s-i-l, and I. We had come to see Garrison Keillor and his long-running live radio show, A Prairie Home Companion. A lifetime fan, I had never thought I would see a live performance of the show until brother bought us tickets as my birthday present.  My brother, Rudy, was 72 at the time.  I remember every detail of that evening -the long, winding walk to the venue, the mild spring evening, the way Garrison walked through the aisles and led a hymn-sing at half time, the Navy Band playing “Anchors Aweigh.” But most of all, I remember Sara Watkins, Sarah Jerosz, and Aoife O’Donovan  sing a song called “Crossing Muddy Waters.” To this day, listening to that song brings the entire evening rushing back. But it’s more than that. Crossing Muddy Waters is a haunting, harmonious, melancholy banjo and fiddle tune about loss. My brother is seventy-seven now. I am sixty-four and my husband will soon be sixty-eight.  I think to myself: When they are gone, if I am still here, perhaps I will be able to remember that sad, but mostly wonderful evening. ⁣

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