Good, Random, Fun v. 38

Joining Tamar over at Random-osity for her fun meme, Good Random Fun. Here goes…

THE GOOD: Ladies and gentlemen, introducing my pal, Wallace the Slug enjoying some very yummy-good peanut butter.


The Random: Josephine returning from patroling the perimeter of her domain. Notice Wallace still eating!


The Fun: I have fiNaLLy begun the crochet blanket I am making as a HS graduation present for my great-niece, Megan!


And there you have it, my lovelies, v. 38 of GRF; so named, I have discovered, because it is week # 38 of 52.

A good way to remember memes, no?

Happy day, friends. Happy week, version thirty-eight, of course.


  1. What a fun post – I never met anyone who fed a slug – well, not on purpose anyway. I seem always to be feeding them my plants. They reward me with pretty shiny designs on the runner on the deck. JB has an important job – and she seems to take it seriously. Love the header. and also the afghan – what pretty colors.


  2. It so nice to see an update from you today!! I am happy that you started the blanket, the colors are beautiful and working on it will make you very happy!!! Feeding a slug, never heard of that. You definitely need to focus on your creative side……just keep working on that blanket!!


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