Six Word Friday: PURPLE


When You Are Violet, Not Purple

The difference between violet and purple
is that violet appears in the
visible light spectrum, or rainbow, whereas
purple is simply a mix of
red and blue. Violet has the
highest vibration in the visible spectrum.*

Nothing is mixed to get violet.

As a color, it stands alone.

My name is Maureen Violet Champion.
My mother was Violet Elizabeth Kelley.
Neither of us could explain Violet
Before watching laughing backs dance away.

*Color definition from


  1. so interesting, i did not know….for me, it’s a wide spectrum of what i consider to be purple!!!! violet is an awesome middle name!!!!


  2. What a lovely middle name, and glad that’s it’s been kept in the family. I have violets growing outside my house in the spring, and it was my grandfather’s favorite scent. My middle name in Virginia, and it’s also Kelsea’s middle name – it was the middle name of both of my grandmothers as well. If she ever has a daughter, I hope she keeps the tradition going. Hugs to you and Josephine.


  3. Oh I love this post – my favorite of all the Six Words Fridays I’ve ever read. Maybe I should change my name – I could be JoAnna Violet – that would be so neat. Does JB want to be a Violet too or is she completely satisfied to be the one and only JB?


  4. Both of these colors, violet and purple, are favorite colors of mine as is one left out, lavender. How lovely that you and your mother share a color in your names and ourple would have not sounded as nice.


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