Another Saturday, Another Farm, Another Wedding

Our friends Rose and Rob tied the knot yesterday down in Marshall, Virginia. This is a second marriage for both, and they each have two teenage children. A completely different vibe from the marriage of my god-daughter a week ago, but no less joyous. Here are a few pix.

The teens rocked the bridal party. Notice the top hat and colorful sneakers!
A heartfelt prayer that they and their children will be blessed with many years of joy together.
Their first kiss as husband and wife.
The joyful recessional.
Rob Simmons and Rose Truby, happy together. May they live long and prosper!


  1. my kind of wedding…i don’t really care for all the bells and whistles. i am not a wedding person, i am a “being married” person. the pictures are really beautiful, i wish them much joy and happiness and the three “C”s that make it work: committment, compromise and cupcakes….tell them that’s the secret!!!


  2. As Debbie said in her earlier comment, it’s not about the decorations, venue, or number of guests but ALL about the people and looks like this couple and their family did it their way. Good for them and best wishes to all.


    • Hi Dorothy,
      Yes, it was a beautiful wedding. At home of groom’s aunt. I think they will do well together. Considering their former spouses are nasty. Truly.
      Glad you ‘spanned who you are. Was wondering!
      On couch terribly under weather. Fever and everything. Oh, joy,


  3. Maureen, just so you know, the previous comment is also from “Beatrice” at the Frog & PenguINN. Awhile back I created a photo blog on WordPress, but never really followed through to completion. Every now and then now it asks for my sign-in from that site, like just before!.


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