Six Word Friday: Trip


Trip the light fantastic: to dance.

After all the years of singing,

Now I finally know the meaning!

* * * * * *

“The Sidewalks of New York” is a popular song about life in New York City during the 1890s. It was created by lyricist James W. Blake (23 September 1862 – 24 May 1935) and vaudeville actor and composer Charles B. Lawlor in 1894. The song proved successful afterwards, and is often considered a theme for New York City. Many artists, including Mel Tormé, Duke Ellington, Larry Groce and The Grateful Dead, have performed this song. Source: Wikipedia

* * * * * *

Image is a 1910 Sheet Music cover. Source: Wikipedia


  1. you are a mine of information!! Great poster image. As to your question regarding my artistic abilities? Well, I considered myself pretty rubbish at art in school (and so did my teacher I think!), but I’ve always been creative. When we moved to the US 12 years ago I got introduced to scrapbooking, and slowly I’ve moved on to picking up a paint brush. I did one short drawing class at night school a couple of years ago, since then it’s been books, online videos, and inspiration from wherever. Now I’m on a break from working I have time to explore my own way of doing things – and I’m enjoying the process. Recently I’ve learned that I can admire someone else’s work, but know that I have no need (or desire) to copy their style. I am accepting my “uniqueness”!! Comes with age (and a few hard knocks when I’ve tried to be someone I am not)! Have a lovely weekend.


    • Thank-you, Ida. On couch sick. Fever and all. Ugh. I get herpes on the roof of my mouth. Ever now and then, and accompanying flu-think attacks. Man, I feel lousy -weak. Never had so even much as a cold sore yard ago. First herpes Ever was in the cornea of my right eye. Lost all the sight. Took 1 ½ yrs to get it back. But have scar right in the middle, so everything I see with that eye is blurred.
      Also developing cataracts. Whoopee!


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