Well, I moved for a bunch of reasons frustrating, piddling, or somewhere in between. One big reason is I was not pleased that Blogger ate all the photos from the blog. Took DAYS to put them all back, and a bunch are still missing. Hiss! (That was Miss J adding a comment there.) Additionally, I didn’t care for the almost obligatory Blogger-google+ link up. Google+ completely messed up my gmail contacts. Arrrrrgh! Still trying to figure out who is who as some of you are in there twice or even three times. So forgive me if I email you more than once with the new blog address.

All our “Google Friends” followers can now follow us using the Wordpress Follow button if you like. The Follow button and Follow by Email button are on the right sidebar of this new blog template. Go have a look-see. We currently follow all of you at bloglovin’.

On the positive side, we follow a few people who have WordPress blogs and the look and mechanics of them are pretty neat. Like, when you type a smiley face, it shows up in the post as an honest-to-goodness smiley face! Neat-o! Doesn’t take much to make me happy, does it?  ; )  (Except then.)

I’m still learning the in’s and out’s of WordPress, so please bear with me. I will most likely make a few quite a few operational errors while figuring it out! Anyway, welcome!

xxoo, m & jb


  1. Hi Maureen, it’s always exciting to try something new and I am pleased to be the first to welcome you to your new blog spot. Now, I will update my listings too. I know what you mean about Blogger frustrations as I have my share as well, and have been thinking about a new blog but keep holding off until we really move, as in relocate as there are other things keeping me busy. And, when I read your last blog post title of “we have moved” I wondered if you meant relocate 😄


  2. ooohhhh congrats on the new home, I hope the move proves to be a better option for you!! It is so brave of you, as I am petrified to change anything about my blog for fear of messing things up!! Good luck, post more often!!


  3. Hi M & J! Welcome to your new home. I know how challenging it is to move, both in the real and also in the virtual world. I hope you will like your new home at wp. Let me know if I can help with anything, and I will try.
    As for G+ and all gmail contacts being messed up – yup, got the same thing. They are pulled into your contacts automatically from the circles. I have got a gazillion contacts I don’t really know. The only thing is to group them in gmail contacts…
    p.s. I am now on bloglovin, too


  4. So happy to hear you found a new blog home. Hope it all works out for you.
    You’re so brave to make the switch…I guess I don’t do well with change. LOL
    I’ll be back to check in with you soon.
    Hope you have a good week. Give Josephine a pat for me.
    I’m on bloglovin’ too.


  5. I like the look of your new wordpress! Blogger has not caused me any problems so far. I have so much stored and saved on there I would hate to lose it. I did a backup a few weeks ago just in case. Those spesky pop up ads are sure slowing me down though, so much that at times I get tired of seeing the spinning circle and just close it out and go to the next blog.


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