Six Word Friday: SHORT

“The Naming (and Weighing) of Tons”
The naming of tons is a 
difficult matter. It isn’t just one
of your everyday games. You may
think at first I am mad 
as a hatter. But, I tell
you, a ton can have three
different names! (Apologies to Mr. Eliot*)
A Short ton has 2000 pounds
A Long ton, two thousand forty,
A Metric, two thousand zero five
pounds.  And that is the end 
of my story! (Thanks, as always
to my muse, Miss Josephina Ballerina.)
* * * * * *
*See The Naming of Cats by T.S. Eliot


  1. I work in logistics, Maureen, and am still baffled by calculating in lbs instead of kg etc. here in the US. And only recently I stumbled across these different weights of 'a ton' – how weird that is, right?


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