The Word of the Week is MIGRAINE

For the first time in quite a while I missed posting a Six Word Friday poem. Friday’s word was WAVE, and I had some good ideas. However, Friday was Day 7 of a seven day migraine siege. The dictionary definition of siege is Blockade -and that’s certainly what it does. Blocks me from getting anything done as it drops me in my tracks. I do take Imitrex for them, but even when the pain abates for a while, I can still feel my brain doing odd things inside my skull.
According to the US National Institute of Health, “Migraine and epilepsy are episodic disorders that share many clinical features and underlying pathophysiological mechanisms.” The headache, therefore is a symptom of the underlying problem. 
Always knew my brain was a little off center. 
* * * * *
(Found this very appropriate cartoon at


  1. oh maureen, what a pain in the “neck”….pun intended. migraines are the worst and can be just crippling and debilitating…..and frustrating beyond belief. i take relpax for mine but i have never had a tail of migraines. i get one, i usually require 2 relpax and the pain slowly lifts. i am then reduced to a “heroin like” comma for about 12 hours. i also take 4 meds for grand mall seizures, we call those meds my downers, they are extremely difficult to deal with. i am suppose to take them twice a day and only take them at night. i would rather have an occasional seizure, them live my life in the stupper they put me in.

    i don't know if you know that 5% of all MS patients suffer from seizures. i know the number for migraines is much higher.

    i like the “very appropriate” cartoon. sometimes it helps to ease the emotional discomfort afterward!!

    i hope today is a good day for you!!!


  2. Oh no, you are still suffering from your migraine! I am so sorry, my friend. You have certainly been on my mind and in my prayers.

    Sending love and hugs your way!


  3. So sorry to read this, Maureen, and fortunately i do not get even headaches often. It is hard to imagine how much pain these long bouts of migrane can cause you. I do hope you will find some relief soon.


  4. Hi, Maureen! Thanks for visiting my blog and I'm so happy to have found yours. I'm a fellow migraine sufferer as well, though infrequent, but even infrequent is frequent enough. I only started having them about six years ago, and I've yet to figure our my triggers. Hope you are better today, and looking forward to following you!


  5. Oh that does not sound at all fun. I get occasional Migraine's called ,Ocular Migraine's which are quite annoying and can give you a nice dull headache for hours on end but nothing like yours. I hope you are feeling much better soon.


  6. I hope you won't get such a marathon of the days wth migraene for a looong time from now! I have also migraene every now and then, and it definately slows you down to the minimum – that is, lying in the bed and holding on. Warm thought & prayers to you!


  7. Oh dear, seven days of Migraine is way too many!Poor you! Ii suffer from this horrid disease too – quite often but never more than two days in a row. – When will scientists come up with a real cure…


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