Six Word Friday: DOUBLE

Josephina Ballerina bounces off the walls.
I scrub four little muddy prints
Made by her double, double paws.
* * * * * 
So happy to be linking up with Adrienne over at
 My Memory Art for Six Word Fridays. 
It is so much fun -and believe me, I hardly ever join anything.
Check it out!


  1. awwwww, the life of a pet owner!! she is beautiful, even from behind. her fur has such a unique pattern, uniques blended colors……

    you should dip those messy paws in a bucket of water before you let her in the house!!!!


  2. Love it! My dogs one and only hobby is: Looking out of the gate. 🙂 When it is muddy paw time in our house, we either have very muddy prints everywhere in groups of four or if we catch her to wipe her 'feet' we get muddy paw prints in a little group (?) of one! She only lets us wipe three and then runs off. The joys of having a pet.


  3. She is beautiful! I have a calico cat that is 14 years old and we call her Tater Pie, Tater Tot, and just Tater! They are such funny animals and great pet friends! Just popping over for a visit, thanks to Debbie and All About Purple and Adrienne at My Memory art. Love your blog so much I became a follower! I will be back often to visit!


  4. When Josephina reads this, no doubt she will find great comfort in the fact that we once allowed a cat that looked much like her to live with us. Oh, excuse me, we lived with Her. Pardon me, Josephina…

    Muddy paw prints plague our house, too, as the two cats who let us stay here now often walk in after a good rain and just track mud everywhere. I don't think they'd ever let us wash those paws…we value our skin. 🙂

    Good to meet you through Six Word Fridays! — Deb


  5. Hi Maureen,
    Thank you for the sweetest comment on my post on Stephanies blog – they made me really happy! I'm also sitting here with a cup of afternoon tea 🙂 Those lively little paws may have time and enerfy to be all over the place … She must bring joy and many happy moments! I hope she also likes to rest and cuddle every now and then – I hope one day we'd get a possibility for at pet, either a cat or a dog 🙂
    All the best to your Sunday and coming week,


  6. Awwww….how cute. We have 3 Pups, so we get our share of double double paw prints, too…and nose prints on windows and glass tabletops – they touch them from below. Thanks for visiting!!


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