Why I Buy Junk Food

Josephine is an odd little dietary duck. She was so small and hurt when we got her that we fed her turkey baby food off of our fingers for weeks. Then tried canned stuff for a while. She’d lick off the gravy and leave the chunks. Tried paté style canned. She’d swallow it down and throw it back up. Then, winner-winner chicken dinner! I gave her some raw chicken a la the BARF diet. (That’s Bones And Raw Food for the uninitiated.) Bingo! But, of course, it has to be minced. She has a very tiny mouth. For complete nutrish, she also munches on Pro Plan Chicken and Rice. It’s what the place we got her from fed her and it’s the only kind she’ll eat. 
This now leaves the issue of snacks. Strictly speaking, they aren’t needed and she’s really not a snacker. Occasional bits of tuna, velveeta cheese… maybe. Jackson Galaxy, star of My Cat From Hell on Animal Planet alway talks about the Big Payoff Treat. The one that works every time for training purposes and such. Thought JB didn’t have one of those. Oh, yes she does… (See post title.)
 P.S. We are no longer a no-reply blogger re: comments and such. Finally figured out what was set wrong. There ya go, Miss Debbie!


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