Six Word Fridays: CLOUD

“Clouded Leopard Cloud”
Mama cloud washes her baby clouds.
Maybe just a tad too vigorously?
Mama! You licked our spots off!

(Picture credits: First picture from 
Second picture from Google search for “cat cloud”.)

10 thoughts

  1. And I love visiting Josephina! Loving your pictures and can't choose which is making me smile more. Can I send you a link to a fun youTube vid?


  2. omgoodness, i love this very creative take on this weeks word!!

    my dogwoods did look like clouds i thought but with sticking to 6 words i could not include it. i'm happy you saw it that way!!

    have a joy filled weekend!!


  3. I love your take on cloud! I never knew that the leopards markings are called 'clouds'… we never stop leaninng. Hmm, wondering if that 'cat cloud' is real or photoshopped – in any case, it is cute.


  4. Oh, that is amazing! Very cute! Love those cloud leopards! Have you ever seen the movie, 'Bringing up Baby' with Katherine Hepburn? It is hilarious, about her adventures with Rock Hudson, taking care of her sister's pet leopard. Hope you have a lovely Mother's Day, Maureen!


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