Six Word Friday: DRIVE

“Free Lessons in Dancing and Love”
With trepidation, we drive to the
Cowboy Saloon, Friend Louise and I.
Can you teach us to country
line dance? The instructors, Chris and 
Ray, say sure! And they do.
And it’s fun. Twenty-eight years
 later we are still together. Married.
Chris and Louise, Ray and me.
Still practicing steps hard and easy
in the crazy dance of life.
Just like we did on cinco
de mayo; a Monday that year.


  1. So so sweet!!!! Love this! My husband did a lot of line dancing in high school – plaid shirt and cowboy hat – the whole deal. That was before I knew him, but I'd love to have an evening with him in an old barn with him in a cowboy hat. Think I'd need a time machine though!!


  2. oohhhh maureen, i LOVE this!! a little more intimate look at the ever joyful “you”!! you are right about life…it's not always easy, but it's always worth it!! and it is like dancing. nice, to be married for 28 years…..the hubs and i are 35, 36 in june!!


  3. hehehe, yes a wonderful place!!!!! and i forgot to say how interesting your bucket list is. mine's a lot longer and it's growing. i better get busy!!!


  4. Happy Anniversary Maureen. Great story poem, fun image (as always). Here's to continuing the easy and hard steps (we will make it to 22 years this month). I'm having a break from blogging for a bit – technology finally broke me 😦 One last post today for a while, but I'll be back and will do some blog hopping of course, so keep up the good work. Theresa 🙂


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