Six Word Friday: FLOWER

“Mine. Mine. Mine.”
Corn through. But
flower good. Too.

(Be sure to click the X to get rid of the stupid ad.)
And you can see lots more of Teddy Bear the talking porcupine BY CLICKING HERE. TB lives at an educational sanctuary in Texas. The woman’s voice you hear belongs to TB’s human.



  1. hehe…so dumb question?? is teddy yours?? is that your voice?? such an adorable video!!

    and i think orange and yellow are wonderful colors and a tad under-rated!!


  2. Oh my goodness I've never heard of anyone having a Porcupine as a pet. Teddy Bear is really cute and he sure loved that corn and the roses!


  3. Aaaw! So cute – I love porcupines! Once, I woke up one summer morning to my two big dogs out on the front step with quills in their stupid snouts. After that, the porcupines were left alone…..xo Karen


  4. me again!! if you change your email settings from non-reply when you leave a comment, i would be able to reply through email. my horse pictures were taken on a back/country road, not farm from home. this farm we pass all the time and the horses are rarely up by the street/fence. my email address is, if you ever need it!!! and many thanks for visiting and leaving such wonderful comments!!


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