I Am the Onion, (Goo Goo Ga Joob)

Om mani padme hum: the jewel in the heart of the lotus.
God is the jewel. The universe is the lotus.
The center of the lotus is open. God is on view.
I am like the center of a tight onion.
God is the pearl. Allowing Itself to be found.
I am a pearl with a shovel, digging myself deeper into the earth.
A found pearl is admired, polished, loved.
I cannot open myself. I cannot dig the other way.
My hope is to draw close to the center of the lotus
And make my home there.
Allowing myself to be polished, admired, loved.
Allowing the warmth of the Center to soften the tight layers
So the center can emerge.
Om mani padme hum.
Let me find my home in you.
Let me find my home in you.
Let me find my home in You.


  1. Why, thank you, Juliet. They were thoughts I had after meditation. I put them down so I would remember. The way they came out of my head is the way they went down. Afterward it seemed to me I had written a poem of sorts. So…in the spirit of becoming less oniony , I posted them! Happy New Year to you and yours, too.


  2. I am so glad you enjoy reading my blog. Please do keep calling. You live in such a lovely part of the States – I have friends in New York and also in Boston and in Georgetown. We have travelled down that east coast quite a lot over the years – one of my favourite cities in Baltimore.
    Keep warm in your very cold spell of weather – and keep that lovely cat snug and warm by the fire.


  3. We live 15 minutes from Baltimore!
    It was such a job keeping the house warm at -17. I stayed up 27 hours straight so the fire in the fireplace wouldn't go out. And, alas, poor Josephine is afraid of the sound of burning wood! She would rather suffer all bunched up with frigid ears and toes than venture near the “Crackling Monster” -or even be in the same room with it!


  4. Beautiful, Maureen – lovely images both in your photo and in your writing. Peeling away those layers are sometimes hard, aren't they? But finding that pearl makes it all worth the work.

    Thank you for visiting, Maureen. I lost your blog, as you have changed the name. I am going to put it on my blog roll right now so I don't lose it again. Hugs, xo Karen


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