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I am a sister, best friend, wife, step-mom, god-mom, grandmom to 3  little ones (#3 debuting this past July), and guardian to one energetic and opinionated young cat. Husband and I live in Maryland -also known as “The Land of Pleasant Living.” It’s an hour to the Blue Ridge Mountains and 45 minutes to the Chesapeake Bay; fifteen minutes to Baltimore, thirty minutes to Washington, DC., and 2 minutes to the sheep farm around the corner. I’m an acupuncturist by day, and a reader, quilter and crocheter by night -except since the arrival of Miss Josephine, I must crochet by day or risk my yarn turning into prey to be stalked and eaten. As for the title of this blog, I am in the middle third of my life- and pushing the third third pretty hard. I’m usually in the middle of some interesting mess or another, and Violet is my middle name. (Thank you, mother, who was Violet Elizabeth.)  Please note: the web address is www . violetteaumilieu . blogspot . com since violetinthemiddle was already taken. So dust off your high school French and come visit!

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