Blessings in Three Random Words

Back to counting my blessings courtesy of my darling Goddaughter, Hannah. Thought it would be interesting to find blessings in random words. So saying, Googled a  random word generator, and gave it a whirl -actually, three whirls.  Look at the lovely, easy-blogging words above. Now, look what the generator gave me to find blessings in. Oh-kaaaay…..
226. Capacitor: made a two-bit binary calculator (which included a capacitor or two) in my college physics class a million years ago. I was so proud of it, and the remembered feeling of joy in accomplishment is a blessing still.
227. Culvert: As it happens, a culvert is being constructed a stone’s throw from my house to keep a branch of the Little Patuxent River from flooding. I do pray the fox, deer, beavers, and tree frogs who live around there adapt to the changed landscape. It will be a blessing if they do.
228. Verbarreacutemolade: and finally we have a piquant salad dressing that resembles mayonnaise. I have recently embarked upon dairy and wheat / gluten free living. I was relieved to find that mayo is allowed. Hello, egg salad! Now, to find the recipe for this new stuff. I can have a BTL heavy on the Verbarreacutemolade. Any time bacon is involved, it’s a blessing! 


  1. Hi Maureen! I have missed you! I was actually thinking of you just yesterday and wondering how you were doing. I am glad to see you are blogging again. xo
    Those are some strange words you have found. I think the only one I have ever heard of is culvert. It is sweet of you to care about the wildlife possibly being displaced by the new culvert.
    Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog. I loved reading the sweet memories of your Dear Mother. You surely take after her with your love of words.
    So glad you are back and now with a new family member! Such sweetness!
    Hugs xoxo


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