You Say It’s Your Birthday…


My birthday was this past Wednesday, April 3rd. Spent the day doing the taxes. Ray brought home a guilty pleasure for dinner: Whopper Jr., small fries, strawberry shake. He also bought me three cupcakes and a beautiful bouquet with yellow roses before leaving for work that morning. And serenaded me with a vigorous hummed rendition of The Beatles Birthday (from the White album). Brother Rudy sent white flowers with sunflowers. A patient gave me a bud vase filled with daffodils. Cards, calls, texts, and emails full of love and good wishes completed a lovely day. So, onomomo’s new blog description is: starting over at fifty-eight. Once heard someone say he was glad to be old -because if he hadn’t gotten old it would mean he had died young. Right on, brother.  : )

One comment

  1. Happy Birthday to you, Maureen! Sweet and wonderful gifts and well wishers. Now you have caught up to me in age! Age is just a number and you are right, we are fortunate that we have made it so far, so many don't have that luxury. Now we get to enjoy each God Given day with Gratitude and Love for life. Hugs, xoxo


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