Three Gifts Uncovered

Ironic after my  March 14th post on Silence, I suddenly stopped blogging. Illness, injury, the death of a friend, and no small amount of despair came to visit. I’ve learned from experience to just ride these times out. They end of their own accord. Thank goodness we have Little Miss Josephine kitten to entertain us with her evening antics. She has finally gathered the courage to hop up on the bed to play.

We are invited to Friend Lucy’s house for Easter dinner tomorrow. My contribution will be chocolate-caramel covered matzo. Look at the recipe here at ZOE BAKES. Ray and I attended a Passover Seder last Tuesday and these were served to rave reviews. Hope mine turn out as well -except I couldn’t find any shredded coconut in the store today. Guess lots people must be making white bunny cakes for Easter dessert! Oh well!

So, taking up again the enumeration of One Thousand Gifts, today the challenge is Three Gifts Uncovered.
220. The desire to start writing at onomomo again. Thought it was well and truly gone.
221. Facts both fascinating and liberating by reading What Jesus Meant by Pulitzer Prize winning author, Garry Wills.
222. The determination to begin to enjoy life more. I sure know how to endure it.  I am less practiced at enjoying it. Good resolution to begin on The Great Vigil of Easter.      Blessings dear readers.

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  1. I am glad that you found your voice again, Maureen! Sorry to hear that you have been going through some difficult times and so sorry you lost your friend. I have been wanting to read the Garry Wills book – I have heard it mentioned so many times as being very good. I do hope life gets better for you. Your recipe sure looks delicious. Hope it turns out well and I hope you have a lovely Easter. Blessings to you and your family. xoxo


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