Miss Josephine


Today’s challenge is to write…
202. A gift Held: If you look very carefully at the picture, you can see Miss Josephine’s little brown paw and the tip of a little brown ear sticking out from under the blanket.
203. A gift Passed By: I think little Miss Jo was passed by a lot as she was rescued from a shelter about 50 miles from here. She was probably getting to the end of her allotted stay (i.e. her days were numbered) when she was rescued by Last Chance Animal Rescue. She is terrified of being out in the open, one of her back toes has been broken at the first joint. Not the ideal adoption candidate, I guess. But Last Chance sprang her, took her to the vet, then sent her to the Pet Smart where we happened to pass by.
204: A gift Sat With: The teddy in the picture above is bARE. (His preferred spelling.) He sits right next to Miss Jojo and they sTARE at each other a lot! They seem to like each other.
P.S. That’s Husband Ray having a bit of a Saturday morning sleep-in.

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