Three Gifts Loud


Holy Crow! (I like crows.) Up to 200 gifts in my life already. Who woulda thunk it?
Today’s challenge is Three Gifts Loud.
199. Ok, so I downloaded an mp3 -for 99 cents from Amazon- of a mother cat purring. I set it to repeat, cranked the volume to max, and put the speaker next to Jojo’s blanket nest. Really settled her down.
200. The crows out front as they yell, “HOLY US! There’s corn here! There are PEANUTS here!!
201. The wind today -gusting 20-30 mph, hitting the side of the house, rattling the wind chimes. Blew the front door right open, scaring the bejeebers out of Friend Jess.
I found this totally neat-o painting by Kevin Callahan at Fine Art America. It’s entitled Crow in the Wind


  1. Some good, noisy blessings today, Maureen! Oh, I do love crows! My Grandpa had a pet crow that used to steal shiny objects and bring them up to a nest high in the trees. My Grandpa found all sorts of things up there when he would get the ladder out to investigate. Watches, silverware, bits of aluminum foil. I love a good wind, too. Love it when the chimes tinkle. Great painting, too! Enjoy your weekend. Hope the kitten is settling in. xoxo


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