Only Seen Up Close

Eating cranberry sauce.

This is a picture of my slug. I miss him in the cold weather when she is hibernating. I like to feed her grapes and peanut butter. He even likes Spam. There are sometimes as many as eleven slugs at Momo’s Sidewalk Cafe on a summer evening. Since they are hermaphrodites, I call them all Wallace -a nice, gender-neutral name. My friends think I’m crazy. “You herd slugs.” they say. They’re just jealous.
Anyway, three gifts you can only see up close…
58. Wallace’s little eyeballs. Very cute.
59. Wallace’s little mouth as it munches a bit of apple. Very delicate, sweeping movements.
60. The green, blue, gray, and brown/gold colors in my husband’s eyes. Officially hazel, but, really, so much more.


  1. Slugs are pretty fascinating, especially viewed up close! I have so many here that I cant grow certain slug tasty plants. They love the pet food I set out on the deck and climb my sliding doors leaving slimy trails. Not sure I am that grateful for them, but I tolerate them. Eyes are really fascinating, too. I love how people's eyes match their hair and skin so perfectly. xx


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