Three Gifts That Might Never Have Been

“You couldn’t resist telling him about your vasectomy could you?!”

Ok, three gifts that might never have been…
55. Me. My father had a vasectomy quite a while before I was conceived. My mother thought I was a cold.
56. When she conceived a baby, my good friend’s husband lobbied pretty hard for her to have an abortion. She talked to me about it. I told her I was pretty much the most unwanted baby on the planet back in the day, and I turned out ok. Her amazingly fine son is thirteen now.
57. I would never have met my husband if my friend, Louise, and I hadn’t moseyed on down to the Cowboy Saloon one Monday evening in 1986 to take a free country line dance lesson. Ray and his friend, Chris, were the instructors. Ray and I are still together -and so are Chris and Louise!

Still following Ann Voskamp’s January “Joy Dare” calendar. (You can find it here, but be sure to scroll down when you get to the page.)


  1. So glad your Mother didn't take that advice! You were meant to be – a little gift. Love how you met your sweetie. And how nice your friend and her sweetie are still together, too! That's what I call fate! xx


  2. Im so glad you were born Momeem…You and Ray have been a huge blessing in my life. You will never know just how much I appreciate all you and he have done for me, continue to do for me and will do for me(and Matt) in the future.


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