A Gift Sour, Sweet, Just Right


Counting One Thousand Gifts this year. Ten days down, three hundred fifth-five to go -Lord willing and the creek don’t rise.

28. A gift sour: the bread and butter pickles I made 20 years ago and still think about. My one foray into canning. Hands down the best pickles I have ever eaten.
29. A gift sweet: a teaspoonful, today, of friend Debbi’s homemade blackberry jam – my Christmas present from the Land of Oregon.
30. A gift just right: cheddar cheese barley. So easy to make. Cook barley in chicken stock. Just before all liquid is absorbed, add lots of Cabot Extra-Sharp Cheddar and stir! Serve with a dash or two of sriracha chili sauce -or not. Like eating sunshine on a raw winter day. So grateful for the blessing of good food.

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