Light, Reflection, Shadow


The challenge today, in writing One Thousand Gifts, was to look for them in light, reflection, and shadow. I looked at these early this morning and thought, “Uh-oh,” because each had an adjective preceding it which made things a little tricky. To wit, dusky, surprising, and lovely.
22. Dusky Light: And cold, dry, 27 degree air this morning at seven. It felt so good on my face. And since the light was dusky, I could stand out on the walkway in my mint green, penguin print, flannel bathrobe!
23. Surprising Reflection: I watched a young woman striding along the undulating terrain like I used to fifteen years ago when I walked with my cats.  And I suddenly knew, I got it: that season of my life is well and truly over. Time to move. Holy crow! It’s time to move!
24. Lovely Shadow: Playing piano and listening to the calling of a fox hidden in the deep shadows of twilight. It was lovely.



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