Something Old, New, Blue

Ray and I drove down to Leesburg, VA today to visit my brother, Rudy. Had a lovely time talking and eating at the IHOP. I just sat across from Rudy and watched his face as he talked and thought how much I love him. He was twelve and a half when I was born, and he’s always been protective of me, even to this day when he is 70 and I am 57.
To get to Leesburg, we drove west then south through the wide, flat valleys that lie between the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains.  We crossed the Potomac River and rode snugged up next to the base of a mountain. Then the view opened up again -all vineyards, sheep, cows, and horse farms with a dusting of snow on some of the fields.  So. Very. Nice.
Counting One Thousand Gifts by threes this year.  Today’s challenge was to find one old, one new, and one blue. Managed to capture all three in one photo!  And they are………

10. My childhood puppet, Kitty, age 54.*

11. My Christmas gift, Sock Monkey, age 2 weeks.
12. Freshly painted walls done in Rhythmic Blue by Sherwin Williams.  It gets tons of compliments!
* Kitty was once grey stripes on snowy white!  His straw stuffing is falling out here and there, and his seams are ripping. But he wears a chic scarf / arm wrap combo to keep him together. Most days he’s WAY more together than I am!
Time for bed. See you tomorrow.  xxoo, m


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