Three Graces Overheard



In writing down One Thousand Gifts, I’m using Ann Voskamp’s beautiful Joy Dare calendars as a guide. You can see them here (be sure to scroll down when you get there). Today’s suggestion was THREE GRACES OVERHEARD.  Had to really think on this one, since I wasn’t around a lot of people today.  Took some soup to flu-afflicted friend Rose and walked her dog / my Goddog, Ollie. It was during this short excursion that the three came to me:

7. The cawing of a crow in the cold afternoon as he called to his friends.
8. The insistent meowing of Rose’s cat, Jake, as Rose and I talked on the phone this morning.
9. The ringing hammer sounds of someone doing carpentry as I drove down the street.

All three sounds were heard, but, also, in a sense, overheard, since the exchanges were crow-to-crow, Jake-to-Rose, and tool-to-wood.  Anyway, that’s my story and I’m stickin’ to it. And I sincerely hope I don’t have to think so hard about tomorrow’s gifts!

Good night from Jake the Cat (aka Jake-A-Roni-Roonie) and me.

One comment

  1. Ha ha – three good ones! Jake looks a little cranky, maybe he needs soup, too! Love the sounds of crows unless there are too many!
    Glad you figured out the comment thing! Google is gobbling up the world! I had to upgrade to Google Chrome today just to post photos on my blog. Jeesh. xx


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