Six Word Friday: LOVE


“Nothing worth doing is completed in
our lifetime; therefore, we must be
saved by  H O P E.  Nothing true or
beautiful or good makes complete sense
in any immediate context in history;
therefore, we must be saved by
F A I T H.  Nothing we do, however virtuous,
can be accomplished alone; therefore, we
are saved by  L O V E.”  ~Reinhold Niebuhr

This is the final Six Word Friday. It has been hosted for the past five years by Adrienne Scanlon at My Memory Art.

I sent her an email the other week thanking her for her time and effort at the helm. I said, that the challenge of using a prompt word in sentences of no more than six words opened up something inside me that had been closed since childhood. I also said the challenge of a really juicy word called me back to blogging when I may have quit after suffering a traumatic brain injury last February.

Viewed in the light of Niebuhr’s words, I guess you could say Six Word Friday has been an exercise in faith, hope, and love for me. It has been a good and fun thing.

And, in case you do not know, Reinhold Niebuhr is the author of what has come to be known as the Serenity Prayer, which was eventually boiled down to:

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

Amen, my friends, amen.

Six Word Friday: HOPE


“Most of the important things in
the world have been accomplished by
people who have kept on trying
when there seemed to be no
H O P E  at all,” said Dale Carnegie

If the people at Small Miracles Cat Rescue hadn’t had  HOPE  that their work could make a difference, they would not have rescued a little, feral, tortoiseshell kitten from the Kill List of an overcrowded shelter back in March of 2013. She was deemed “un-adoptable” because of her injuries and feral, withdrawn ways. But, H O P E  wades right in, I guess. They had hope someone would want her. And, we did. Our darling Josephine.