Six Word Friday: Like

I Like You. And Latin.

Incipio. Related, approximating, double, twin,

Allied, allying, cognate, uniform, consistent, kin.

Many words say we’re simpatico, you 

And I,  two fish that swim

Through waters of the Milky Way,

Holding on to Pisces fin. Fin

Several years ago I participated with a group of folks in Six Word Fridays. Each week a word was given and we wrote a line or a poem about it -the trick being each line had to have just six words. I had a blast doing it, but then, as all things do, it ended. Still, every once a while I get the urge to craft another six worder. So, today, it being Friday and all, I used a Random Word Generator and asked for an adjective. Out popped LIKE; a nice, positive little word. So, here we are. I hope you like it.


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