It Had Pink Pompom Blossoms Every Spring

In three-and-a-half years, Josephine had never jumped up into this Kanzan Cherry tree before. I happened to be standing next to it a few weeks ago when she finally did, and I got three nice photos. The tree was cut down the next day so a sidewalk could be repaired. It’s felling was a shocking surprise to all of us who live here and admired its silky bark and profusion of cherry blossoms each spring. We delighted in the “pink rain” when the flowers finally floated free. It was a wonderful tree. I used to sit in it, myself.



    • Yeah, my neighbor, Dave (who knows her well) and I stood in open-mouthed shock as she jumped up. Our conversation went something like, “She’s never …Nope she’s never….I’ve never seen her…No she never has…Did you get a picture?” I think the tree knew it was its last day and called to her.


  1. what a fabulous photo – I definitely think the tree called to Josephine that day. What a shame such a sturdy, wonderfully textured tree was felled, but trees really don’t last forever, and you have a wonderful reminder of it.


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