Six Word Friday: FAITH

Rest on the Flight into Egypt by Luc-Oliver Merson, 1879. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

“Not much is known of  J O S E P H.
He was a husband, father, provider
everyday, and he had dreams. What
more can be said?” Author Unknown
j u s t    t h i s
Rest on the Flight into Egypt;
F A I T H  he was reading G_d correctly.

Explanatory Ramblings

The “portion in quotes” in the poem (above) is not original to me. The words are from a painting I saw August 21, 2002 hung in the library at Saint Joseph’s College, Standish, Maine. I tried, but could not find out the name of the artist.

I first encountered the painting, Rest on the Flight into Egypt, in the Signals catalog. Signals was selling the part with Mary resting on the the Sphinx as a print. I didn’t buy the print, but I clipped out the advertisement from the catalog and kept it in my wallet for years. I guess that’s a sign that the painting moved me. Many years later, when I saw the entire painting, I was moved even more. Joseph has always been one of my favorite biblical peeps, being willing, as he was, to be dragged all over creation for the sake of his wife and son.

The Six Word Friday meme has been going on for five years hosted by Adrienne Scanlon at My Memory Art. Her time at the reins is coming to a close. (Thank you, Adrienne, for all your hard work and encouragement of the rest of us.) This is the second to last week.

I thought the poem, the painting, and this week’s word, FAITH, went together quite well in six sentences of six words each.

Hope you like it.


  1. It is a lovely poem. I did, indeed read it yesterday, but I hadn’t gotten to the explanation underneath. Something must have distracted me. Gee, I wonder what??
    Your sentiments are equally as lovely. ♡


  2. I have seen part of that picture, as you said, many times and never knew there was more. What I like about Joseph was his courage, because of his faith in God, to proceed with his betrothal to Mary, despite the fact that she was pregnant with a son that was not his, and all the social implications in that society. I also love that this picture has a goat in it! 😉


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