Six Word Friday: ROCK

The Billy Goat Trail, Great Falls National Park, Great Falls, Maryland
The Billy Goat Trail, Great Falls, Maryland (Just outside of Washington, DC)   Photo found on Pinterest

 Meditation on The Rock of Ages

Life on the rocks?  Oh, don’t
I know it well?  I sit
in hard places.  Afraid to look
down, afraid to go on.  But,
oh!  Don’t life’s rock climbers have
the most gorgeous, sinewed muscles from
holding on as they move along?

( I found myself on the Billy Goat Trail five years ago this coming Halloween. I knew nothing of hiking or climbing. And I did get stuck in fear two-thirds of the way up. Then a kind voice said, “Let go of where you are, cross over to the other side, and come on up.” I was pretty sure death was imminent, but it was that or stay stuck where I was. So! )

Linking up with Adrienne over at My Memory Art for Six Word Fridays. So you like a little challenge? Do you like to write with a prompt? This is such fun! Do give it a try!


  1. Uggh – that photo looks more like rock climbing, not like hiking to me. But I know what you mean with getting stuck 2/3 up. pssst – I’m afraid of heights, but I love the views and I love hiking and exploring.
    Beautiful words, Maureen.


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